Help support my newest opera

Help support my newest opera


I have spent most of the last year composing a new opera, entitled Secret Service. The libretto is by the most excellent Kico Gonzales-Risso. It has truly been a pleasure to collaborate with him, and his script is very inspiring. A politician (who also is a hockey fanatic…), his bodyguard, and the pol’s dominatrix interact in a powerful mix of social commentary, black and slapstick humour, biting satire, and sex. The piece is scheduled to have its premiere at Performance Works in Vancouver, Canada this September. One of the most amazing aspects of Kico’s libretto is its treatment of the subject of government surveillance, which is of course a very important subject these days. A small Vancouver company, Fugue Theatre, commissioned this piece from me, and I’m doing everything I can to help them get this important work onstage.

To that end, Fugue Theatre has created an Indiegogo campaign, as the funding environment is extremely challenging for the arts in BC at this time. Please consider making a donation, even the smallest amount will help us reach our goal. 

If you would like to hear any of this piece, I have some excerpts I’d be glad to send you. You can reach me here or at or my website,

Thanks so much for your time and support. If you are unable to help out financially at this time you can help by forwarding the campaign info to those who might be interested.



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